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x:We Love Ray:x


Ray Toro
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Too many comms about Gerard, Frank, And Mikey. (As much as we love them)
Bout time Bob and Ray got recognised!

This is the Ray Toro community.

Basically the same concept as the Gerard and co ones, but all in one community.
You may post fanfic
Ask for pics to be fullsized*
Just generally talk about the 'fro,
Or post your favourite icons.

* If you're going to request more than 4 full sizes, make sure you contribute back just as much.
Don't ask for stuff from Retna, Getty, Wireimage etc....
If you post a picture thats personal and its asked to be taken down. Take it down.

I dont want to have to Moderate the posts that go through. I will start this comm off without there being Moderation queues. However, if people start to advertise, or generally piss off the mods (so far, only me) then i will whack a Mod queue on this thing.

I have three other communities, Gerardism, WeLove_Bob, And GiveItAName06, as they arnet extremely popular, im new at this thing, so other rules will be added as i think of them.
But we're all in the same fanboat, so i think it'd be good if we were all just adult about things we say and do. :)

If it does start getting popular. I'll make archives for the fullsize side of things. Until then, just flick through and see if you can find what you're after :)

If anyone needs me, my journal is FO. so Email me at demolition.lover@hotmail.co.uk.

Have fun everyone.

And if you're interested *cough*

My other Communities are (I think im a community whore)

(Part ownership) gerardism - For Gerard Way fans.
giveitaname06 - Obvious what this ones about
postgian - for AFTER the GIAN event
weloveneopets - For fans of www.neopets.com :) (No members as of yet)
lotmsetc - for MCR merch, mainly Life On The Murder Scene atm.

If you wanna help me MOD any of my communities, shout me an email (address above), preferably someone good with banner making, and designing layouts :)