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There's a mile gone for every minute passed.. [userpic]
Hello :)
by There's a mile gone for every minute passed.. (keletain)
at December 4th, 2006 (08:59 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: cancer - mcr

hey im new to this community, so i just thought id say hi. im larissa :D and ray is awesome-o. <3 but you guys already know that, aye hehe.

and btw...anyone from australia going to mcr concerts in sydney, january next year??

k, i think im done now.

xoxo | L

I posted a while ago...
by she smelled like cheap perfume and stereotype (odetoseratonin)
at April 29th, 2006 (11:56 am)

I kind of wanted to keep my promise of more Ray pictures. I finished uploading my whole entire life on to my PB so here's the rest of what I've got for you guys.

I'm a wishful thinker with the worst intentionsCollapse )

I'm bored.. so..
by Happyphantom823 (happyphantom823)
at April 29th, 2006 (10:37 am)

current mood: content
current song: Ben Folds - Philosphy

RAY SPAM!Collapse )

x-posted to: mcrpictures and ray_toro

(just in case: at the very begginning there are caps from Lotms, if you haven't seen it yet and don't want ANYTHING ruined for you, then just scroll right past =])

BEE [userpic]
let's pull a fro prank on ray together boys and girls!
by BEE (bamboleo)
at April 24th, 2006 (05:37 pm)

hey. This is a silly silly thing that I signed up for on a site called eventful.com. The site is set up so that people can demand an organized event with a celebrity in an area, and if there is enough of a demand they contact the person and set up an event.

So yeah, I've started a demand for the Fro. lolllllllll As a joke, cause it would be quite funny for them to contact Ray and ask for his hair. I'm seriously out of my mind.

anyway if you want to join in the fun click on this:

Demand it!

lol thanks. peace out. x-posted to ray_toro, sorry for the double spam. lol

by Happyphantom823 (happyphantom823)
at March 24th, 2006 (05:42 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: Desert Song - Mcr

some caps from lotms made by the lovely: nest_freemark


BEE [userpic]
RAY PICS!!!! yeyyyyyyyyy
by BEE (bamboleo)
at March 2nd, 2006 (12:41 am)

Hi everybody! I am bamboleo, also..... known as.......raykillsgerard and half of mcr_scissors ahhaa...... anyhoo, thought I would make my first post with an article and some OOOOLLD school photos for your enjoyment :) yeyyy!

click the cut so it doesnt cry!Collapse )

also if anyone is ever looking for something fullsized I hope I can help :) I am an mcr photo hoarder!!! lol :):)

monster [userpic]
by monster (dalmau)
at March 1st, 2006 (03:27 pm)

current mood: amused

I made these for a graphics contest... I would love it if someone wanted to use them for their header or whatever... all I ask is credit me and host them yourself... you can comment if you feel like it.

Toro Toro Toro!Collapse )

And a round avatar 

If you dance all night, you're gonna be loved. [userpic]
An Introduction to myself...(hehe)
by If you dance all night, you're gonna be loved. (xdumbox)
at February 27th, 2006 (11:49 am)

Okay, so hello! I am new to this community, and this is just an introduction post.
My name is Jessie, by the way, and I love Ray and his fro lots!!! So, yeah. I geuss that's all....:)

by she smelled like cheap perfume and stereotype (odetoseratonin)
at February 26th, 2006 (10:25 pm)

current mood: ecstatic
current song: Lust A Prima Vista - The Spill Canvas

I am introducing myself. I'm Jill. I'm 17, and from the U.S. I am super excited for this community. Since I am super excited, I would like to share with you all one of my favorite secrets from mcrsecrets.

MCR secretCollapse )

by Maz (x_demolition)
at February 27th, 2006 (02:04 am)

Hey, First post.
Im your moderator, My names Maz, and im 18 from the UK.
Pleased to meet you all :)

Feel free to post whenever, even if just to introduce yourself.

And please recommend us to your friends, and other communities, so that we can get some more members :)

Maz x

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